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...IN-demand Resources to meet ON-demand Learning

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EdVol - Leadership ThinkTank Together we

Our Mission:  Exceed the Evolving needs of Everyday Learners

Our Mission is what drives us to ensure that everyday learners can expand their human intelligence to successfully compete with artificial intelligence.  


We do this by ...

  • delivering on-demand tools that educators need to bridge the divide between implementation and student outcomes, 

  • creating sustainable roles for student leaders, and 

  • making a positive impact on learning communities. 

EdVol Solutions

EdVol Solutions & Services

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101 Planning & Implementation 

Establishes the why, what and how of the mobile integration approach to ensure the alignment of the integration to agreed upon student outcomes. 

Focus Areas:

  • Culture Building:  Buy-in

  • Device Deployment - Prep & Planning

  • Device Deployment & Collection

101 Procedures:  Classroom Norms

Establishes procedures to foster continuity within classrooms and across grade-levels to sustain the success of the implementation.   

Focus Areas:  

  • Behavioral Management System

  • Social Emotional Learning 

  • Digital Citizenship 

101 Policies:  Device Protocols - 

Establishes policies to manage the expectations for the end users of the technology by creating a culture of collective problem solvers.  


Focus Areas:

101 Professional Training -

Establishes the culture for best practices sharing of in-demand skills for the on-demand learning environment. 


 Focus Areas:

  • Educator Authentication & Training 

  • Student Authentication & Training 

  • Digital Citizenship & SEL Training

EdVol - Leadership ThinkTank Together we

Goal:  To gain clarity, purpose and direction for a sustainable mobile integration model


Participants:  District leaders, administrators, educators, students, & community members


Outcomes:  Roadmap & resources for technology integration 


The Leadership ThinkTank Session will encourage representatives of the educational community to explore the WHY behind the technology. 

Collaborative feedback from this ThinkTank group will provide a clear roadmap for the district to drive sustained improvements and culture development experiences for student and educator achievement across the district

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